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Lion Cubs

Cub on Book Passthrough
Lion cub on Book
Book Passthrough
Cub Reading
Open Book
Foam Carving
Reading Cub Prototype
Rotocasting Cub
De-molding Cub
Cub Light Tests
Cub Mold

Client: Boston Public Library

Location: Boston, MA


BPL asked us to design and fabricate playful elements that tied together the iconic BPL lions, with reading and play. We explored a number of concept options before landing on the 3D lion cubs. Perched atop the stacks in the Children’s Library, the interactivity of the lions can be programmed to suit different needs. Motion sensors in the tunnels beneath the lions make the cubs engaging and playful, while still respecting the nature of the library space. They’ve become a huge hit and are popular with library visitors young and old. 

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