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JCC Boston baby and Toddler Park

Client: JCC Boston

Location: Newton Centre, MA

Partners: Margaret Middleton


We were thrilled to work with designer, Margaret Middleton, to fabricate the baby and toddler park at the JCC in Boston.

The area consists of a toddler climber, areas for adult seating, a curved wall and entry gate, as well as a mirror wall and baby barre in the newborn area.


The toddler climber includes many interactive elements for the children including a ball drop, ball ramp, slide, and ladder.  The entire structure was built in small parts, which allowed for easy on-site installation and assembly.

The curved wall was built to specific site dimensions in order to fit in the space properly.  The wall and entry gate help tie the entire space together and create a barrier to keep children contained in a safe area while they are playing.

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