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Electromechanical Specialist

Role Description

The Electromechanical (EM) specialist is a general exhibit designer/fabricator, with a primary focus on the EM aspects of our exhibits. They design and build those elements with which the visitor interacts.

EM components generally include, but not be limited to:

  • Buttons, levers, switches, displays

  • Lighting (overall illumination and exhibit effects)

  • Power transmission & linear motion systems

    • AC/DC/Servo/Stepper motors and control systems

    • Belts, pulleys, chains, sprockets, rails, bearings, etc.

  • Control systems

    • Primarily Arduino-based

  • AC wiring – consulting licensed electrician as needed



Role-Specific Requirements

These are considered minimum requirements for this role:

  • Awareness of UX, maintenance, and reliability issues involved in EM design.

  • System analysis, design & documentation

    • Deep understanding of basic AC/DC electrical principles, focusing on power distribution

    • Deep understanding of Arduino development environment

    • Strong coding background (C/C++/Arduino)

  • Specifying and procuring EM components

  • Fundamental EM fabrication and assembly

    • Soldering, interconnect layout & fabrication

General Team Requirements

These are things that we expect from everyone on our team:

  • Attitude

    • Overall positive and friendly – both with internal team members and clients/suppliers/partners

    • Passion for creative problem-solving

    • Ability to effectively work both independently and collaboratively with other team members

  • Organization

    • Ability to optimize the workday with high performance and efficiency

    • Demonstrate a sense of urgency with regard to project schedules and budgets

    • Understanding of basic quality control standards and expectations

    • Proper processing of project information – time entry, purchasing, project documentation

  • Shop skills

    • Basic mechanical aptitude

    • Basic print-reading & layout ability

    • General Use of Hand & Power Tools

    • Basic understanding of materials and methods. Ability to learn.

    • Ability to lift ~75lb

    • Ability to work on ladders/scaffolding, and/or unconventional positions as required by exhibit work.

  • Dependability

    • Able to work ~40 hour work week, with flexibility for occasional overtime as needed

  • Valid MA driver’s license and reliable transportation

Bonus Points

These are things that bring additional value to the role:

  • Additional coding background (Python, Javascript, release mgmt.)

  • Additional fluency in other development environments (Beagle, Particle, RPi, PLC)

  • ECAD/MCAD integration w/Fusion 360 and/or AutoCad Electrical

  • Spatially-aware mobile app development (NFC, microlocation, iBeacon, mesh)

  • IoT data management

  • PCB design with Autodesk Eagle

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